Normal Hair Growth and Common hair loss

Hair is one of the characteristics that mammals possess. Human beings being in the group of mammals have hair in most of their body parts too. Due to various factors, the hair might generally grow to some people and get lost in others, especially the hair that grows on the head.


There have been questions regarding normal hair growth and common hair loss in human beings. This article has focused on such frequently asked questions and tried to provide answers on the same.

Frequently Asked Questions – What causes normal hair growth? What are the causes of common hair loss? Which is the best hair loss treatment? How long does the lost hair take to regrow after treatment? What are the advantages of having hair in the body?

What causes normal hair growth? Hair growth in the human body is stimulated by the androgen hormone that is a protein in nature. If you have this hormone in large amounts, then it implies that you will have more hair growing in your body. It is therefore advisable to take a balanced diet with sufficient proteins to accelerate hair growth. Apart from the androgen hormone, hair growth can also be brought about by applying essential oils on the skin of the body, caffeine intake (though in small amounts), and indulging in body massage.

What are the causes and symptoms of common hair loss? The leading cause of hair loss in both men and female is hereditary hair loss. It implies that you inherit certain genes that stop hair from growing. Other causes of hair loss include age (the more you grow old, the more your hair grows slowly and stops with time), attack by Alopecia areata disease, exposure to chemotherapy and radiations, especially on the head and neck, hair care (coloring your hair more often) and untreated sexual transmitted infections among others. Some of the common signs and symptoms of hair loss that you can notice are thinning on top of the head, patchy bald spots on the head, and sudden loosening of hair, among others.

Which is the best hair loss treatment? There are two main effective hair loss treatments, finasteride and topical spray. Finasteride involves taking tablets as prescribed by the doctor to slow down the rate of hair loss. Topical Spray and Regain are applied directly on the bald patches and other necessary areas to promote hair regrowth.

How long does lost hair take to regrow after treatment? It takes about six months to observe the proper regrowth of lost hair, but this depends on the type of treatment used.

What are the advantages of having hair in the body? Hair growing in every part of the body has its advantage. Mainly they protect the internal body parts. The hair found inside the nose purifies the inhaled air and also absorbs moisture from it. The hair on the body also acts as a delicate sensory organ that alerts you in case of any hidden danger.


Do you have hair loss? You need not worry. Take multivitamins, essential oils, folic, and supplements and do body massage. You should also see a doctor.



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