What You Should Know About Blockchain and Video Streaming

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Blockchain and video streaming were two terms that were quite apart from each other. Both these services had their own share of applications, and they did not create any form of a link to come close to each other. But since we are in the age of innovation, things seem to be different. Blockchain and video streaming are starting to venture out together, and here’s what you need to know about the same.

Blockchain-Based Video Streaming Services

Video streaming services do not require any form of introduction as these services have captured the market by storm. Top content providers such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Twitch have their own share of stake in the market as they stand to change the viewing experience to a whole new level. Since there is enough space for innovation, technology enthusiasts are excited about this collaboration.

By combining both these forces, the face of streaming will soon change to adopt a format that is more exciting than what you can imagine. As video streaming has rapidly grown over the years, the market should be ready for any form of advancement that changes things in a whole new direction.

The Need

While the aspect of innovation is clear, one can still wonder about the need for a collaboration of this nature. Well, the main reason for the same is the bandwidth, and the storage that videos claim is huge. Thanks to this claim, video creators and innovators are losing authority over their content as storage, networking, and delivery are being carried out by centralized cloud servers hosted by companies like Amazon (AWS) and Google (Cloud).

Due to that, the massive amount of profit generated through content gets swallowed by developers and publishers, leaving creators with little or nothing. As a result, opportunities with Blockchain-based video streaming platforms will bring about a change, and creators can face numerous benefits.

The Benefits

As we all know, blockchain thrives on decentralization, and content creators can make fair use of the same. They can use the platform to deliver content to customers directly and not have to depend on centralized power. By doing so, they are more free to come up with content and proceed to people who can view it. Moreover, both creators and users can join the blockchain network and carry forward the tasks they love the most.


To make matters all the more interesting, content creators can also receive monetary benefits in the form of cryptocurrencies as consumers will have to pay for a subscription. This financial benefit will help creators grow and reap the benefits that come with time. Hence, the future can be left with blockchain-based video streaming services.

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